Brand Therapy


Brand Therapy: When you already have a brand, but need to learn how to execute it online.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone about your problems. And it’s best if that person is an expert or a professional in their field.

Therapy, in general terms, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs and/or feelings. And to me, hiding behind excuses is pretty problematic.

Brandy Therapy is what you need if you’re ready to stop making excuses. My goal with this new structure is to offer an outlet for anyone who is keeping themselves from showing up online by hiding behind the excuse of “not knowing how to do it“. First of all, that’s a BS excuse. But second of all, that’s what I’m here for.

Luckily, I have a very strong frame of reference when it comes to this topic so I know how to ask the right questions to get quick answers. Speaking online and being heard is a specific skill that I have great practice in. By combining my skill for growing a presence online and your natural gift to help people, your brand voice will become louder than ever!

I taught myself how to brand my own business AND how to execute it online. My mission is to teach all of you how to do the same so you can be in charge of your own brand. I truly believe in the value of learning how to do something for yourself as opposed to depending on someone else to do it for you.

These packages are for people who know the who, what, where and why of their brand…but they’re missing the HOW. How to use social media to connect with ideal clients, how to write with great SEO, how to update their WordPress theme.

Examples of what we can go over on our calls together:

  • Crafting social media style guides
  • Creating content strategies
  • Learning how to design graphics
  • Updating website themes
  • Understanding how to use each social media platform
  • Planning a brand photoshoot
  • Launching a new product
  • Helping you get out of your own head
  • and whatever else you may be stuck with!

Branding Counselor: 3 Calls

If you already understand the intention behind your content and you’re just looking for help executing it. You can briefly let me know what your intention is with your content and we can begin crafting a strategy around that. I will offer my suggestions based on what you tell me your intent/plan already is. I will follow up with my notes, comments and suggestions as well as a detailed strategy plan for you to refer to. Price for this package is set at $175 and you’ll have 8 weeks to schedule your calls.

Branding Therapist: 5 Calls

Really dig through the content you already have, figure out what you’re trying to do with it, and then come up with the plan to do it right. At the end, we’d have a review call just to make sure you have everything you need and you understand the strategies we’ve crafted together. You can ask me any lingering questions you might have and we can come up with your immediate next steps to continue the progress of branding your pages. Price for this package is set at $285 and you’ll have 2 months to schedule your calls.

Branding Best Friend: Monthly

I call this getting the “best friend experience”. This is for the girl who’s got her biz under control, but needs some advice here and there. Maybe you need me to review some blogs before posting them live. Or you’re stuck with how to handle a difficult client. You’d have unlimited access to me for ALL your branding questions, plus we’d have a scheduled monthly call to review any blocks that come up. Monthly retainer is set at $100/mo with a minimum of three months.


Get out of your head and in front of the people who need you!


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