BYOB Freebie Discount

You are ready. Your brand is ready. Your ideal client is ready.


It is time to invest in your big & beautiful business and start taking up the space you deserve. I will give you ALL the tools to brand your own business. You’ve already gone through Week 1 and harnessed all of the boundless potential that’s been swirling around inside of you. You have your new, confident brand voice. You have your message. Now it’s time to get it to the people who need to hear it.

In Week 2 of the BYOB Course, we meet your Ideal Client. We figure out who they are, where they are and what they need to hear. From there, I will teach you how to speak to them through strong, branded online content. I will walk you through building a Spirited Sales Page, branding your business through blogging and showing up on social media.

Since you’ve redeemed my free offer of Week 1, I wanted to give you Weeks 2-6 for a crazy discount! You can sign up now to receive the remaining 5 weeks for my super low pre-launch rate of just $889! AH! And, I’ve even added a 3rd payment option, so you can choose whichever one best fits your budget. This offer is available exclusively to those of you who showed up for your brand and went through Week 1 of my course. I know you’re ready. I can’t wait to watch your brand flourish online!

One-time payment of → $889 ←

Two payments of → $459 ←

Three payments of → $311 ←


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