Define Success & Happiness On Your Own Terms + VIDEO

I don’t think being motivated by money is a bad thing. I don’t think you’re a bad person because you’re motivated by money. I just think its counter-intuitive because I think money is neutral. There is plenty of it going around and there is plenty to be made. We need to learn to define success and happiness on our own terms.

Learn how to define success + happiness on your own terms. Run your business from a place of passion, not desperation.

I just see so many people who feel like they don’t have enough or like they need to make more. And they are being fed gimmicks about making this much money in this many days and that’s what success is.

My goal with this video is to prove to you that YOU get to decide what YOUR success looks like. Define success on your own terms.

And that you deserve all the money you want, but first you need to figure out why you want it in the first place…and what you plan on buying with it once you have it.

You’re seeing people online buying fancy clothes and taking lavish trips and buying expensive juices. And you want those things. But you haven’t taken the time to decide whether or not they are on brand…if they’re YOUR brand of happy. And until you get that figured out, making money as a business owner can be challenging.


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