brand voice coachNice to meet you!

I’m Lauren and I am the brain and heart behind Loey. Loey is my nickname and what my friends and family have called me all my life.

Thank you for taking an interest in my services. I would love the opportunity to work with you. If you’d like to know a bit more about my background, you can do so here. My experience spans across the realms of Creative Advertising, Public Relations, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Marketing, Design and Creative Writing. My creative work has been published in online and print publications such as the Miami Herald and ThoughtCatalog.com. My freelance content writing work can be seen on corporate websites, brochures, advertisements and social media engagement.

As a Brand Voice expert, I help clients find their words. I teach them how to articulate their gifts in a passionate AND profitable way by backing their content with confidence. I truly believe in the power of authentic branding. I am a writer with a gift for finding words. My intention with my coaching is to do just that. Find the words you are missing in order to attract your ideal client and make you money!

In my group, #mybrandofhappy, I have created a space for spirited entrepreneurs to come together and connect, motivate, inspire, commiserate, learn, engage, support and grow as they find their own brand of happy! I want you to feel good about your business. To be lit up by the work you do. And I truly believe the best way to do that is to first recognize that YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Everything you are, everything you believe, everything you do is your brand. You live it and breathe it every day. When you accept that fact you can more clearly move on to creating a meaningful brand presence for your heart centered business.

My first book, Relationshipped, is a work of non-fiction that explores the faint silver lining lurking beneath the heap of rubble break-ups leave in their wake. Through an honest and raw re-telling of my past relationships, I hope to offer one important insight: The person you are going to end up with is out there becoming the person you are going to end up with. Heartbreak is a universal experience that we all share, collectively. And I am happy to share mine if it helps you feel a little less alone with yours.

LoeyLLC is a culmination of all my work: my creative writing, branding savvy and spiritual practice. Join my tribe of happy branders at #mybrandofhappy to learn more about living an authentic life and serving those who truly need your gifts!

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