OUR WEDDING: Party Time!

Our reception was such a blast! I changed dresses because I had a hunch things would get rowdy. I was right. At one point I remember lying on the ground doing the alligator dance from Animal House during the song “Shout”. Fun fact: my second dress cost $3 at an estate sale. I can’t take

OUR WEDDING: The Ceremony

I don’t wanna brag, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We made a big emphasis on keeping the ceremony personal and our rabbi went above and beyond to do that. He was so good, people were coming up to him afterwards for his business card. And more than one person asked me

OUR WEDDING: The Ketubah Signing

Gani and I both agree this was one of our favorite moments of the entire day. At one point, our rabbi had us close our eyes and make a memory of the moment. He reminded us why we were there. Because we love each other enough to spend the rest of our lives together. Whatever

OUR WEDDING: Cocktail Hour

Yes, we had our cocktail hour before our ceremony. Yes, it was the best decision ever! It was so fun to just walk around and see all our guests and have some quality time with everyone. The place was littered with smiles. Everyone was so full of happiness. The air was thick with it. Also,

OUR WEDDING: Purple Ladies

I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you. The immense love captured in all of these photos is just a fraction of what I felt while surrounded by all of you at once. My heart could burst. I am the luckiest girl alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And a special

OUR WEDDING: First Looks

Having a first look, both with my dad and my groom, was the best decision I could have made. You’ll see I gave my parents and Gani some gifts. I made a strong effort to shop small + local for the wedding, so all of the gifts were bought from shops on Etsy.com. You can