Online Marketing: The 1 Thing You Need To Market Your Spiritual Business

The word “spiritual” gets a bad rap, especially when accompanied with the word “business”. But I want to show you how to use online marketing to authentically share your spiritual business with the people who need it. How? Through your brand’s voice.

What does spirituality have to do with online marketing? When it comes to authentic branding and finding your blog's voice....everything!

I’m sure the word spiritual conjures up a very specific image in your head. I’m not going to illustrate it in an effort to discontinue that stigma, but you know what I’m talking about. Even still, I have and always will identify as spiritual. I’m happy to have lively conversations and share with those who are open to learning about it. My intention is never to prove that my lifestyle is in some way better than anyone else’s. I truly believe it is up to all of us to craft our own belief system. However, I do think it’s worth sharing simply for the sake of resonating with one other person who has never been able to put their own belief system into words.

If you’re anything like me, you started your business because you want to serve the people who need your gift. And as a business owner, you need online marketing. So, what’s the 1 thing you need to market your spiritual business? Authenticity. Being able to share your story with authenticity. Eliminating that fear of vulnerability. Backing everything you say online with clarity & confidence.

How I use my spirituality to help my online marketing

I’ve always had a very spiritually-driven lifestyle. When I was a child I used to set up altars in my room, with flowers and mementos, and have conversations with my guardian angels. I would spread out an old towel and cover it with weeds from the garden that I saw as beautiful, tiny flowers. I would then find old family photos of people I never knew yet somehow felt deeply connected to, and I would kneel in front of this little make-shift shrine and speak to them. I was a child, maybe five or six years old, so these conversations were never too complex. But I’d ask how they were doing, who else was there with them and if they could please continue watching over me and my family. I also used to tell my mom about seeing and hearing people in empty houses.

I’ve just always had this inherent relationship with the spirit world. I felt my connection to the universe at a young age, and over time I’ve learned how to harness it.

When I was in high school, my English teacher introduced me to the teachings of Buddhism (this book offers a modern & accessible understanding of Buddhist thought). He held a meditation club after school where he taught us the principles of mindfulness and different meditation techniques. Breathing in a bright, white light. Breathing out a dark, thick smoke. Quieting the mind, witnessing thoughts, relishing in the present moment. His teachings laid the foundation for my spiritual practice.

In college I discovered yoga and took classes in Buddhism. I read books and watched seminars and internalized the ancient teachings. After college, a friend introduced me to the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. I had already been to a few different physics and readers, but I had never read the cards myself. With the help of my friend, I taught myself how to read tarot and have incorporated that into my meditation practice, calling upon the cards when I’m in need of some reflection or insight. I also offer readings, if you’d ever like to ask the cards for guidance.

Along with all of this, I also practice my spirituality from the inside out. I believe my body is a temple and I care for it as such. Good in, good out. I’ve been a vegetarian for the past six years (more recently adopting a vegan diet), choosing not to eat meat because of my over-sensitivity to animals. I eat clean, natural and organic food as often as I can. I choose to follow holistic and preventive health practices, seeing the effects and benefits of natural remedies like acupuncture. I eat bee pollen to wake up in the morning, I drink lavender tea to fall asleep. There’s a collection of essential oils in in my nightstand that I use to ease my anxiety, magnify my positive vibes and promote restful sleep. More recently, I have discovered crystals and their enormous healing properties. I keep them by my bed, stuff them in my bra, and wear them around my neck and wrists.

Until now, I’ve kept my spiritual life pretty private. I keep most of my life pretty private. But lately, I’m discovering that others are interested in my practice. They want to know more and try it for themselves. They’re curious. And I feel so illuminated when I get to share it, as if I’m passing some sort of wellness torch off to them. I believe in this lifestyle. It’s nothing new for me, I’ve just decided to start sharing my story. It’s always been so natural to me, I didn’t realize it was worth sharing. But lately I’m noticing how many people care to know. And I’ve watched them integrate some of these practices into their lives + businesses (through online marketing, content, blogging, etc.) and see for themselves the positive results.

The thing is, I know I’m not alone. I see the giant community of spiritually guided individuals out there. I’m friends with them, I follow them, I learn from them. But I also catch how stigmatized it is. I see others look in on this lifestyle, not understand it, and dismiss its validity because of that. I don’t think they are wrong in doing this. It’s only natural to question things we don’t understand. That’s why I believe it is important, as practitioners of this lifestyle, to share it with the world and offer a clearer insight.

As a Brand Voice Coach, the first thing I share with my clients is that we need to change our language in order to make it more accessible for online marketing + content. Most of us have been living this way for a long time, without ever really trying to. It’s as natural as breathing. But if we want to successfully share what we know with the world and market our spiritual business, we have to speak in a way that can be understood.

This is my belief system. I practice it, I live it and I write it. I believe we are all a part of this giant universe and that it lives within us, above us and all around us. There is a real, palpable energy that flows from person to person, like an electric current connecting all of us. Through my writing, I hope to strengthen that connection. Or, if nothing else, expose it.

If you are a spirited entrepreneur in need of online marketing, content or brand voice coaching, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Book a FREE call with me, today! I would LOVE to brainstorm an online strategy to help you better market your spiritual business online.

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