OUR WEDDING: The Ceremony

I don’t wanna brag, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We made a big emphasis on keeping the ceremony personal and our rabbi went above and beyond to do that. He was so good, people were coming up to him afterwards for his business card. And more than one person asked me if they could convert so he could do their wedding.

On top of that, both boys read their own vows to me. That was when everyone lost it. Even the rabbi started crying. That was also a surprise that they planned with Gani. I made sure not to put any pressure on the boys that day. It was their day, too, and I wanted them to enjoy every second. When both of them spoke into that microphone and we all spent the ceremony together under that chuppah, it was the closest I’ve ever felt to true magic. The entire moment felt outside of space and time. When he draped us with our talit (which used to be belong to Gani’s uncle Yoram, who he is named after) and we turned to look out at everyone in their seats, I said to Gani, “It feels like we’re in a big group hug!’. There was so much love in that moment. I’ll never forget it.

Gani and his mother, along with my MOH’s and the two boys (Gani’s best men), all walked down to “If” by Pink Floyd. I walked down to a cover of Blackbird by Ernie Halter.



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