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Tarot is a tool I use to ask for guidance. I do not claim to be physic or have the ability to tell the future. I simply use my cards* to ask for help seeing the alternative perspective that has been clouded by judgement…to be guided toward the intention I need to set in order to move forward.

My aim is to inspire others to explore the world around them and consider different perspectives; through my coaching, my writing and my spiritual practice. You are not the first to be faced with that situation, that hard decision, that giant leap of faith. The answers live inside of you, the cards just bring them forward.

*All readings done with The Wild Unknown Tarot deck and guidebook

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One Card $10FullSizeRender

I like to pull a card a day to help me set my intention and guide me with grace through any obstacles that are on their way. This also helps me cultivate a more intimate relationship with my cards and build a better understanding of each one. If you’re looking for a new perspective around a certain issue or simply need to ask for guidance, one card can do the trick!

Three Card $15

tarot_croppedI use this reading to offer insight around the past, present and future of any given topic. When reading, I like to ask the cards to show me where this topic has been, where it currently is and where it will be. This reading works well when wondering what your next move should be.


IMG_4044Ten Card $30

This is called the Celtic Cross Spread. It is the most popular variation among readers and offers a much more in depth insight. If you’re looking to better understand a certain situation or person in your life, this reading will shed light on all the different energies that live in that question.



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