“Hi Lauren, I hope you are doing incredible! Love seeing the launch of your new blog and keeping up with everything on social media. You are rocking it lady! Also, just a heads up that despite wrapping up our sessions I have continued to utilize the notes form our calls and have definitely felt the difference in my direction and workflow after working together. Wanted you to know how grateful I am for that. I’m in the final revisions of my web design and once I’m ready to beta test it I’ll be sending it your way! There was a few work/family things that held me up but I’ve been on a roll and getting pumped to roll things out! Can’t wait to share it all.” 

Taryn Jerez of OneCraftyMiss.com

“I had a 50 minute Phone Session with Lauren that ended with a new friend and a shot of energy to my startup. You can scan blogs, attend seminars and read books all day long but at the end of the day it’s the type of personalized, one on one guidance I received from Lauren that really makes the difference. She was able to speak to my particular niche and address my blocks in a way that made sense to me, my business and my community. The session was light and congenial but full of applicable advice and a pointed series of steps. Lauren followed up after our session and I truly felt that if I needed guidance down the road on anything she’d be there to help with her usual enthusiasm and sincere desire to help. Thank you Lauren!”

Heather A. Adams, founder of Well/Awake

“What I liked most about working with Lauren was that she’s very upbeat and good with communication, so the phone testimonialcalls were very positive and informative. I like having the steps we needed to take explicitly spelled out. I immediately knew what we needed to do and when it needed to be done and in what order. I would recommend taking advantage of her free discovery call and get to know how she conducts herself and the program. Also compare her program to other people’s and you’ll see how black and white her intentions are compared to the vague outlines of other programs.”

Andy and Julie of Love & Addicts


“I only wish I would have met Lauren sooner, as it would have saved me a lot of money in the long run with all of my photography re-brands. She’s helped me from the smallest things to editing emails and shop inventory, narrowing down the right images for my Etsy Shop ensuring that each of them speak to the message behind The Calm Collective, and bringing my photography work and the shop together as one cohesive brand.”

Cassandra Eldridge of Cassandra Photo & The Calm Collective

Full write up can be read, here.

“Hi!! I just read your response (to my blog draft) and now I’m crying. It made 11417372_1664453090454284_356228550_nme feel like I was getting a huge hug that I really really need. I love you, thank you for reading it and responding with so much love. So thankful for you.”

Hilary Pearlson of Jewles of a Dreamer


ali“Lauren is the best kept secret in branding. I am so fortunate to have access to her guidance, support, and expertise. She is the real deal, with strategies and ideas that have taught me to be more effective and authentic in my branding. I learn so much from her in every session, and she goes so far above and beyond with her follow up and instructions. I am blown away every time. I have a coach, a cheerleader, and now a friend in Lauren.”

Ali Saler Katz of Hot Mess to Mindful Mom


“Hey! So I just checked my emails and saw everything you sent me. I am just in tearsnicci. Its all perfect. You got it all right. You have a gift to really see people for who they are and help them move forward in their next business steps. Thank you so much for taking the time to really find out who I am and what I stand for. The colors, pictures, descriptions-everything. Its just beautiful, Loey. Thank you soo so much!” 

Nicci JohnsonFundamental Lifestyling


Lauren Ellman is a shremarinawd and hard-working individual who is passionate about what she does. Her exceptional writing reveals a great deal of wisdom and anyone who has the pleasure of working with her is sure to have a wonderful and insightful experience.

Marina Orlova- Director of Marina Healthcare

“Lauren, When I began noticing you a few months ago it was because you have a beautifulfabiola personality and vibrant soul! And now that I’m starting your course and getting to know you a bit better, I can truly say you are the definition of boss lady! So I’m celebrating you and your accomplishments and all the ones that are making their way to you this year!!!! Big hugs to you xo”

Fabiola Baylon Garcia

landis “I’ve known Lauren as a dear and personal friend, as well as a hard-working professional for over ten years. I have never seen anyone with a more direct, clear, or effective work ethic. Lauren’s brand, product, and services are truly an extension of who she is a person. Her words are, and always have been eloquent, understanding, creative, and poignant. The fact that she has realized her brand as an extension of her personal and professional passions is a testament to how she can help you do the same for your business. Loey will get to know you and your work personally as she finds the words to support your unique objectives, and the process will, no doubt, be an enjoyable and profitable one for everyone involved.

Landis Block– Mental Health Counselor

“She brought a higher level or organization and insight to the account side while always finding a way to understand and relate to the creativemarcos team. In this process we discovered her amazing talent in writing and storytelling. She quickly became a key player on the creative team and consistently blew us away with her ability to conceptualize, strengthen comradery and communicate her ideas clearly. I’m very happy to say she truly made our work and agency better. I’ve been learning from Lauren since day one. Other than the fact that she had to corral seven man children, she’s taught me what a young talent can truly achieve when hard work is coupled with being dedicated to doing good. Lauren’s good nature and positive spirit is truly contagious and has made me and others in the office better in the process.”

Marcos Macias– Director of Macias Advertising

View full recommendation letter from Marcos Macias- Click Here

jenglatnz“Today’s guest post comes from a fellow UCF student (GO Knights!). Her beautiful writing does a great job of slapping us all in the face when we think about how we can live more in our present and leave the past behind.”

Jen Glantz– Director of TheThingsILearnedFrom.com and BridesmaidForHire.com

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