OUR WEDDING: Party Time!

Our reception was such a blast! I changed dresses because I had a hunch things would get rowdy. I was right. At one point I remember lying on the ground doing the alligator dance from Animal House during the song “Shout”. Fun fact: my second dress cost $3 at an estate sale. I can’t take credit, my mom found it. But still worth bragging about!

We walked in to the song “Our House” by Madness and our first dance song was “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed. The Chai Notes performed an epic horah followed by a small dance set. I hated going up in the chair. I hated every minute of it. I was screaming the whole time to get down. The guys who were hoisting me up just laughed at me.

For the boys, I made them each a little personalized gift bag so they wouldn’t get too bored during the reception. Along with their favorite snacks, I made word-searches with some of our family inside jokes, a bingo game based on the guests in the room and a color-by-numbers of my flower bouquet. They loved it! I also gave each one a disposable camera and the pictures they took are hilarious. However, I had no idea people don’t develop those anymore. They had to be sent to some lab in North Carolina and it took like 3 weeks.

My favorite part was the final song. I chose the song “Semi-Charmed Life” by my favorite band, Third Eye Blind. I don’t have words for how that moment felt. Seeing every single person jumping up and down, singing the words to my favorite song. I just stood in the middle and happy-cried. The song ends with them singing, “good-bye”. It was a perfect ending to the most perfect day of our life.


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